Juhtimiskeskus – we should learn from Estonians

Who of you was in Estonia?  Do you have business partners in this country? Or maybe you went there while on vacation? Most of the answers are „no” because Estonia is not a popular travel destination for Polish turists or Polish entrepreneurs. This relatively small country (1.3 million inhabitants, total surface area slightly larger than one of Polish county’s) is treated with neglect. It’s a pity, because it is a country from which we can learn a lot, especially in the field of modern technologies. (…)  Modernity in Estonia does not bypass the energy market. An example of this is a company operating under the name „Energy Juhtimiskeskus”. This company offers its customers energy management services (Juhtimiskeskus means „control centre”) to the extent not known to the active energy consumers in Poland – President of Virtual Power Plant Grzegorz Nowaczewski points at the example of Estonia and shows how Polish energy market is backwards compared to other European countries.

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