Biznes Alert: Energy services provided in „UBER model” – how innovations change the model of energy consumption?

Grzegorz Nowaczewski wrote a commentary for Biznes Alert website where he talks about the future changes of the energy market. The president of Virtual Power Plant predicts that the changes will take form of “Uber” for the energy market, which means providing energy on demand.

“I think that in the next 10 years there will be a breakthrough in technologies offered by previously unknown market players. New products are already hiding behind popular concepts such as microgeneration, energy storage, energy efficiency, management of energy consumption, ie. the demand side of the energy market, management of comfort perceived by people residing in buildings.” – Grzegorz Nowaczewski also talked about innovations in energy market during IX Investment Forum in Tarnów.

We highly recommend reading complete commentary at the page of Biznes Alert website.

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