Can we expect blackouts this summer in Poland? – Biznes Alert

According to the latest report published by ENTSO-E, Poland is in the worst situation of all European countries when it comes to energy security this summer. Organisation of the European Network Transmission System Operators for Electricity already studied Polish situation closely after its government decided to limit the energy supply for largest consumers on 10th of August 2015 due to energy shortages. Can we expect same limits this year? Can we expect blackouts?

The ENTSO-E report is not optimistic for Polish situation. During the periods of highest temperatures we will rely on energy import from abroad. While Polish transmission system operator PSE estimates that we are better prepared for this summer than last year, in case of long-term heat waves makeshift solutions might not be effective. ENTSO-E estimates that the actual improvement of Polish energy security will not happen before year 2018.

The solution for this troublesome situation could be increased investments in Demand Response programmes. Until 2018 Poland will need to rely on favorable weather conditions in order to avoid embarassing decisions on forced restrictions of power usage.  In this case, the programmes of voluntary demand reduction could save the trouble for both TSO and consumers.

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