Enabler DSR: optimization of energy consumption in large volume buildings

VPPlant's Operation Center (Virtual Power Plant)

Optimization of energy consumption with Enabler DSR is a service which adapts the consumption of electricity and heat in buildings to its variable occupancy while maintaining comfort for users. The benefits for customers are savings on electricity and heat, and in the near future, the revenues from the provision of services to the energy market by active energy consumers.

The service was developed by VPPlant within research and development on the use of Demand Side Response (DSR) in large volume buildings. Research and development project was implemented as part of the organized by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) BRIdge Alfa programme.

Optimization of energy consumption with Enabler DSR service is provided by:

  • taking control of the building automation (BMS) using the authorial methods of remote BMS operation;
  • telemetry of additional temperature sensors, CO2, humidity, and the like.
  • matching BMS parameters for building occupancy, weather, etc. while maintaining the comfort perceived by the occupants of the building people.

Its implementation helps to prepare facilities to participate in power market., which is coming in near future. VPPlant will aggregate potential shift in energy consumption in groups of buildings through the system to provide this potential to energy companies in the form of so-called. „Negawatts” (energy which consumption was consciously abandoned).

The advantage of the Enabler DSR service is that we are able to implement it regardless of the kind BMS used, as well as the ability to control HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) in facilities without complicated BMS systems.

For whom?

Enabler DSR service is addressed to the administrators of large volume facilities, in particular:

  • large stores,
  • sports halls and swimming pools,
  • cinemas and other cultural objects with a large flow of people.

What are the benefits for customers?

Enabler DSR service supports VPPlants clients in:

  • rationalization of energy expenditure through process of optimizing energy consumption in buildings, in particular in the field of HVAC equipment,
  • reducing energy loads during peak daily demand,
  • shifting energy consumption and Demand Side Response (DSR) type reductions or reductions within the Local Balancing Areas.

As a result of this service our customers today are increasing their savings on the cost of electricity and heat (up to 25%), and in the future will be able to generate revenue from the provision of services to the energy market within the framework of participation in the DSR programmes.

How do we operate?

Basic steps of installing Enabler DSR are as follows:

  • on the basis of a preliminary agreement with the customer we carry out an energy audit of the facility,
  • as a result of the audit we determine the possibility of using VPPlants technology at the facility, and estimate possible savings,
  • We sign a contract with the client,
  • We install Enabler DSR service at the facility,
  • We share the savings with the consumer.


Administrators of facilities interested in cooperation, please  contact our company.