Forum of low-emission economy: is Poland susceptible to blackouts?

In the commentary written on InnPoland website president of Virtual Power Plant Grzegorz Nowaczewski writes – „One of the basic needs of every human being is a sense of security , which shares common denominator wth capablity to  counteract uncontrolled power shortages . We had a foretaste of the such shortages during the summer heat in 2015. … In the coming years we will lose capacities of over-used coal power plants. The number of hours in a year during which the energy produced will be more expensive is going to increase. Will the risks of temporary power shortages and blackouts increase as well?”

The experts at the conference entitled „The development of smart low-emission economy while ensuring sustainable development” tried to answer these questions. For more on the risks associated with energy shortages and blackouts can be read on the blog of Grzegorz Nowaczewskiego on InnPoland website.

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