Is Poland in danger of a blackout this year?


On the pages of Rzeczpospolita newspaper, an article has been published informing that there will be no threat of blackout in Poland. Polish Power Grid (PSE) is going to pay companies for their willingness to reduce their demand for energy, that is participation in Demand Side Response (DSR) programmes. The article mentions Virtual Power Plant as one of the aggregators that will gather the reduction potential of smaller energy consumers.

Grzegorz Nowaczewski, President of VPPlant, is also quoted in the text. In his opinion:

„the interest of commercial institutions in DSR programmes will increase when they are guaranteed that, with a possible introduction of power limits, their supply will not be further restricted. –  doing a small step towards solidarity will be a prevailing argument rather than additional revenue for performing reduction”

We encourage you to read the whole article: „Enterpreneurs will earn revenue for reducing energy demand”