oBEMS – innovative system which will improve energy efficiency of office buildings

In December of 2015, Virtual Power Plant submitted a proposal to the National Centre for Research and Development for funding research and development of oBEMS (Office Building Energy Management System) under the so-called „Fast Track” programme. The project involves the creation of intelligent overlay both hardware and software for the automation of office buildings and development of new methods for managing comfort perceived by humans as well as consumption of electricity and heat in office buildings.

oBEMS will be an optimizer for ventilation system as a function of maintaining the required level of comfort and the reduction of expenses on electricity and heat. Innovation will be based on combination of real-time indoor climate management in office buildings using multisensory comfort maps and low invasive method of integration with BMS (Building Management System). So far, such combination existed only in concept form – perhaps due to high cost of integrating additional sensors with BMS which is required for real-time management of comfort.

– By starting work a few months ago on the proposal for the NCBiR competition we asked ourselves a few questions: „How to control the forced ventilation in conjunction with the current load, multi-dimensional map of comfort in the modern office?” and „what could be the potential to achieve savings in holistic approach for management of office buildings?” – Grzegorz Nowaczewski explains the origins of the project.

– analysis of scientific publications and of European and US market, consultations with experts and our previous experience derived from the creation of optimization systems allowed us to prepare a plan for an innovative oBEMS system. At the beginning of commercialization, the market for the results of our research project will be approx. 700 modern office buildings, vast majority of which are located in Warsaw – adds Mr. Nowaczewski.

The project aims to increase the energy efficiency of buildings combined with improvement of air quality. oBEMS integrates technology of management systems, while automating processes in office space which provide fresh air and technical systems responsible for maintaining air parameters (which consume energy). oBEMS will be used in modern office buildings with working HVAC systems controlled by BMS as well as in buildings without complicated BMS systems.

VPPlant estimated that the implementation of the project will significantly reduce the demand for electricity – also in times of peak demand for electricity from the national energy system. oBEMS, dedicated for office buildings, is an extension of application already developed by VPPlant – Enabler DSR, which creation was possible thanks to study financed by NCBiR Alfa Bridge programme.

VPPlant invited best Polish experts to design the system. As part of its implementation, VPPlant will cooperate with Laboratory of Process Automation of University of Science and Technology in Krakow (AGH). Head of the Scientific Council of the project will be prof. Assoc. Eng. Grzegorz Mikulik from the Department of Engineering Management at the Faculty of Management at AGH.



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