„Puls Biznesu” newspaper writes about VPPlant: „Start-up is hunting for negawatts”

Wirtualna Elektrownia, Virtual Power Plant, Delab, Uniwersytet Warszawski

The latest issue of „Puls Biznesu” journal has published an interesting article showing Virtual Power Plant’s company commitment to the creation of virtual power plants and production of so-called „negawatts”.

Many buildings are intelligent only by name. VPPlant proves that it is you simply need to correlate data in real time to significantly reduce energy costs. Data such as schedule of openings, occupancy, and short-term weather forecasts – Puls Biznesu quotes the president of VPPlant Grzegorz Nowaczewski.

We invite you to read the entire aritle „Start-up is hunting for negawatts” on the pages of Puls Biznesu journal.

For more information regarding virtual power plants and negwatts please visit VPPlant website.


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