Scandinavian rationalism shines brightly over Wisla river!

I first visited Sweden when I was on vacation after passing exams for college. It was my first contact with Western Europe, I immediately became enchanted with Scandinavian lifestyle and atmosphere of openness in human relations. Today Poles are in love with Swedish design. IKEA – Scandinavian retailer of home furnishings, arouses emotions like many distinct brands.  It has many supporters, who buy furnishings exclusively in IKEA stores. It also has opponents. IKEA has my attention not only as a shop (although occasionally I do some shopping there) but as an international corporation with its own strategy for sustainable development with focus on the rational use of energy used globally in their corporate divisions, as well as by interacting suppliers – about how IKEA is implementing strategy of sustainable development in the energy sector writes Grzegorz Nowaczewski, President of Virtual Power Plant.


Whole article can be read on the blog of Grzegorz Nowaczewski at INN Poland website.



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