VPPlant at the Economic Forum in Krynica

Forum Ekonomiczne

More than 3,000 participants from over 50 countries will exchange their views on the assessment of the current political, economic and social world during the XXVI Economic Forum in Krynica (September 6-8). The theme of this year’s conference is „Europe in the face of challenges – united or divided?”. President of  VPPlant Grzegorz Nowaczewski is among the panellists and he will take part in the discussion about the future buildings.

In about a dozen of programs during the Forum there are 6 plenary sessions scheduled and more than 150 panel discussions, lectures and debates. Guests of the Forum will summarize Warsaw NATO summit, answer questions related to the future of the EU after Brexit, look at the cooperation of the Visegrad Group, comment on the current situation in Ukraine, as well as discuss the future of Polish relations with the Russian Federation. As part of this year’s Forum, guests will address topics related to the economy. Guests of the conference will seek effective legislation to address the current challenges to the global economy, will discuss the future of the euro zone, evaluate the energy policy of the Central European countries, as well as answer the question of how innovative technologies are changing the world of business? Social issues are also an important part of Krynica meetings. This year, the forum members devote particular attention to family policy in our region, as well as discuss the opportunities and threats for the EU’s imposed by the migration-related crisis.

On the second day of the conference there will be a panel discussion „Buildings of the future – intelligent, ecological, real?”. Modern buildings are highly energy inefficient. Moreover, in the region of Central and Eastern Europe the common heritage of socialist era are prefabricated blocks of residential buildings. New construction is much more efficient, but in most cases it’s still out of technical and economical reach. Materials and technologies for energy efficient buildings are available. But what about the skills of architects and construction companies? Will politicians want to invest in the environment? – such questions will be asked by the organizers during the discussion. Some of the people taking part in discussions are: Petr Holub as a moderator (director of the „Opportunities for Buildings” from the Czech Republic), Stanislav Frnka (head of the Polish branch HB Reavis), Rafał Schurma (President of the Polish Green Building Council), Paul Knafel (mayor of town Słomniki) Grzegorz Nowaczewski (president of the Virtual Power Plant), Harald Kegler (sustainable urban planning professor at the University of Kassel, Germany) and Marcin Pawlicki (PayU).

During the discussion, the president of VPPlant will talk about oBEMS, which is an innovative solution developed by the company. Its aim is not only to improve the energy efficiency of office buildings, but above all aim to improve the quality of air inside them.

For more information about the Economic Forum please visit www.forum-ekonomiczne.pl.

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