VPPlant participates in 60 Million Congress

Representatives of VPPLant will take part in the 60 Million Congress – the Global Polonia Summit, whose next edition will be held in Berlin on 13-15 June 2019.

VPPLant President Grzegorz Nowaczewski will take part in a panel discussion on digital transformation of business processes, scheduled for June 14th at Berlin’s Nhow Hotel. The idea behind the organization of the next edition of the 60 Million Congress – the Global Polonia Congress – is to integrate Polish business, national and Polish communities. The name of the Congress corresponds to the total number of Poles living in the world.

The next editions of the congress are aimed to develop cooperation between Polish business, academic and cultural centres in Poland and abroad. The main aim of the debate is to identify those areas of cooperation on which it is worth developing relations, as well as to search for new areas of activity, important for Poland from the economic and promotional point of view.

VPPLant President Grzegorz Nowaczewski will draw attention to the dynamic development of Polish technology companies, showing the potential benefits of implementing digital solutions, especially in the energy sector. He will ellaborate on innovations in the field of energy efficiency improvement, already available in Poland thanks to research works and VPPLant implementation projects.

The digital transformation of business processes opens new directions of development for the Polish energy sector, which in the context of a constant increase in demand for energy is a strategically important element of increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of the Polish economy.

The website of the Congress: http://60mln.pl