BRIdge Alfa

Virtual Power Plant is the first company co-financed within BRIdge Alfa programme organized by the National Research and Development Centre (NCBiR).

BRIdge Alfa is directed towards ideas that are in the seed stage. During this project 10 investment vehicles were made. They select ideas with high potential for commercialization and support their entry to the market by providing passage through proof of principle, proof of concept stages and all necessary services to transform into spin-off.

One of the investment vehicles of BRIdge Alfa programme is StartVenture@Poland (SVP) created by StartUp Hub Poland Foundation and venture capital fund Giza Polish Ventures with the support from NCBiR.

Our company develops methodology for managing energy consumption in large-scale buildings in terms of design and test run of Enabler Demand Side Response (DSR) application. DSR services are helping reduce daily peaks in energy demand and produce Negawatts. Negawatts are a unit of energy, which was consciously not used by the consumers.

The idea for Negawatts arised from the need of energy operators, who are responsible for providing surplus energy, which is consumed on each node of the grid. In the normal procedure, the excesss energy is ensured by ordering additional production in power plants, but if such energy is not available it falls down to consumers to reduce their demand.

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