Supervisory Board

Marcin Ciołek

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Entrepreneur, experienced manager and founder of MBC TRANS Marcin Ciołek, a company which for many years has been successfully operating in the transport services market. He has many years of experience in management. Responsible and thoughtful actions allowed him to flexibly adapt to changes in the market and take the next, bold steps in building a modern company. Initiator and coordinator of many successful projects.

Since 2016 – President and Partner of MBC TRANS LIMITED, an English company operating in the service and commercial sector.

Since 2016 – President and partner of MBC TRANS Sp. z o.o. operating in the sphere of transport services, specializing in refrigerated road transport.

Since 2020 President of the Board and partner of CNS DEVELOPMENT Sp. z o.o., operating in the sphere of construction and sale of real estate, supervises the areas of investment implementation coordinator and initiator of key projects of the Company.

Since 2021 President of the Board and shareholder of MBC DEVELOPMENT Sp. z o.o., acting in the real estate trade.

Since 2021 President of the Board and shareholder of WATAIR Sp. z o.o. – initiator and coordinator of many innovative projects of the company, allowing for intensive development in the industry.

Piotr Bolmiński

Certified accounting and taxation professional with more than 20 years of experience. Co-founder and Chairman of Forum Rachunkowości Sp. z o.o., expert in consolidated financial statements and International Accounting Standards (IAS). Apart from Virtual Power Plant Sp. z o.o., Piotr is also a member of supervisory boards of PunkPirates S.A. (an independent VR studio) and Igoria Trade S.A. (a fintech company).

Grzegorz Kuć

An experienced manager, his many years of professional work have been mainly related to the development and management of marketing and sales processes and supervision of projects in this area.

For 5 years he has been a founder and president of a marketing communication agency /10Team.

Previously, for over 7 years, he worked for the Trias Group where he managed the VES company operating in the field of AVL Integration and Event Engineering, he was also a member of the board in its other subsidiaries.

He gained his previous experience working in managerial positions in the IT industry for Infovide-Matrix, a company offering dedicated IT solutions and consulting services.

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Grzegorz Onichimowski

Experienced entrepreneur and manager with more than 30 years of experience in the energy and IT sectors in running businesses. An innovative and committed business expert with a proven track record of helping and significantly improving the performance and success of many companies. A person who prioritizes working with clients to achieve desired results and is familiar with all phases of business design and implementation. Familiar with the P&U industry in the GCC region and has relationships with executives at the regional level. Having successfully developed an energy exchange strategy in the GCC region, aware of the challenges facing the industry. Ready to help find the right solutions, also ready to help solve problems as a power market and efficiency consultant. In Poland since 2019, developing the flexibility market with NODES AS and helping several companies in the RES industry.

Witold Stępień

Co-founder and former CEO of the CitiHandlowy brokerage house, in 2009-2016 a leading broker of the Polish Stock Exchange. A licensed securities broker, Witold has 30 years of experience in investment banking. He was involved in multiple international M&A deals.

Witold was a shareholder and chairman of the Supervisory Board of Finder S.A. – the largest vehicle management and tracing company in Poland. Currently he is a Board Member of M2M Team Sp. z o.o., specializing in innovative projects which combine robotics, engineering and proprietary IT systems – primarily for the health care sector.

Witold is a co-founder of “Szkoła na Szóstkę” foundation supporting primary schools. He is an avid sailor and enthusiast of tall ships.

Katarzyna Śledziewska

Managing Director of DELab UW, Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw. She is not afraid of challenges and willingly joins ambitious projects entering unexplored areas of science. Since 2014 she leads the experimental research program DELab UW, where she has created an open, interdisciplinary research environment incubating students, PhD students and young academics from UW around research on economy and digital society. She leads prestigious international projects (including two Horizon 2020 projects and a COSME project) and cooperates with business and public administration. Has significant achievements in popularization and commercialization of knowledge.