Cracow: VPPlant will take part in the Smart Specialization Forum

Smart Specialization Forum, Cracow

On 27 September VPPlant’s CEO Grzegorz Nowaczewski will take part in a panel ‚Power & Energy – what’s new?’. The discussion will be a part of the second day of  the Smart Specialization Forum in Cracow.  

The other participants of the discussion will be:

  • dr. Eng. arch Marcin Furtak – Director of the Małopolska Laboratory for Energy Saving Construction
  • Izabela Ratman-Kłosińska – expert in European Resource Efficiency Knowledge Center
  • Piotr Góralczyk – Managing Director of LUCID GROUP
  • and as a moderator Dawid Jarosz.

They will discuss following topics: building a platform for international cooperation in the field of research and investment, trends in energy sector, energy law and regulation in te EU and energy-efficient construction. The panel will be followed by the Awards Gala „Innovator Małopolski 2018”.

The Smart Specialization Forum is a two-day event that will take place in Tarnów (first day) and Cracow (second day) to meet and exchange ideas and experiences of the science and business sector.